Between dating apps, messaging apps, vaults, and secret cell phone numbers, today’s technology makes cheating pretty easy. Ladies, that knot within your stomach just isn’t all you have to go on anymore. The same technology that enables cheaters to slither around seemingly undetectable can also help you catch a cheater red-handed. I downloaded that keystroke recording program in 2004. Technology has come a long way ever since then, where there are actually a variety of tools to consider if you’re wanting to ways to catch a cheater .

Phones would be the greatest approach to snoop on your own partner. If it is possible to get into their device, you can install an app that will remain hidden from them and provide you with full access to everything. This includes messages or calls and messaging (even deleted ones!) plus their activity on any apps. If they have GPS turned on, you’ll be able to also track their location.

All iPhones hold the Find My Phone app so users can track a lost or stolen phone. You can find your partner’s phone (and them) by signing in using Apple ID and password. If that’s unattainable, convince the crooks to download Find My Friends, that may function much the same way. But if they’re smart, they will turn it off when they’re sneaking around. If they’re not smart, then you can certainly grab tons of information using their iCloud. Anything uploaded towards the cloud is seen, even if they have got deleted it from your phone.


My Photo Stream is a lot like cloud storage on steroids. It stores photos and in addition pushes these to Apple devices like iPads, Mac computers, and iPhones. If the both of you live together, or they’ve got ever connected to your iCloud, you will find there’s pretty good possibility you can see one of the pics they have taken or sent. So a dishonest partner doesn’t belong to the legal-to-spy-on category.