Being a grown up is not without it’s challenges, but I’m pretty lucky. I’m a successful and fairly well off guy, but that comes with a price. My work never ends. Sometimes though, I have to make the conscious decision to unplug. Tonight was one of those nights. My wife was working, as usual. My son was gone for the weekend. Tonight I was going to treat myself, and step outside my own head for just a while. I hadn’t been to a strip club in ages, and I’d never gone by myself. I rolled in early, around 8pm, and grabbed a seat by myself, relaxing into it. I smiled at a xhamster mature couples nearby waitress and she took my order. Bourbon, neat. Bulliet. Not a bad drink for a place like this. I’m a better than average looking guy. I’m slightly under 6’ tall, strong, athletic, fit, and just a few years under 40. I was sitll wearing mature naturist porn my work clothes, gray slacks, a white shirt, and a tweed jacket. I had lost the tie before I came in. I felt more that slightly out of place in the club, which appeared to be full of lonely old men and wanna-be thugs. A dancer quickly came to sit down next to me. She had dark black hair and a huge chest. She started vaping as soon as she sat down, and trying to get me to buy VIP time. Her eyes were dull, and her head was empty. The night wasn’t off to a good start, I couldn’t get away fast enough. I excused myself and walked to the stage, tipping the current dancer in order to escape the woman at my table. I put a few dollars down in front of my drink at the stage and watched as an early 30 something, five foot four-ish woman in black lingerie move towards me. She was nearly perfect, with well defined curves, full real breasts, and and long curled reddish blonde hair. This wasn’t the kind of place that could hire models, but that’s ok, I dig real women and this lady was my kind of real. She slid down in front of me to take my tip, and pushed her chest into my face, her head going behind mine. Standard stripper fare. But then I heard her inhale deeply, wrap her hand around my neck, and whisper, "you smell amazing" softly in my ear, letting her lips almost touch my neck. In case you beloved this informative article and also you desire to be given guidance relating to mature wife with bbc kindly stop by our web site. She surprised me, I felt myself almost shiver as her act got as real as her looks. Seeing that my table was again empty, I sat back down and continued sipping my whiskey. There she was again, the woman from the stage.. "Hi, I’m Jenna," she said, as she introduced herself to me. "You really do smell amazing." "Thanks," I joked, "It’s really one of my best qualities." Jenna was exactly what I needed. In just a few minutes we were quickly talking about her beekeeping hobby, and I was a million miles away from my responsibilities. It’s an unusual thing. There’s a beautiful, almost naked woman in front of me, and I’m lost in conversation. Typical me. I remember to escalate and take her hand. "I’d love to spend some time alone with you Jenna" I say. She moves closer to me and says "I was hoping you’d ask." Jenna lead me to a dark, private room. She took her top off, revealing her perfect, full breasts. She turned away from me and slowly pulled off her g-string, showing her ass off to me. She straddled my lap, a knee on both sides, and moved her mouth so close to my ear, breathing deeply again. "You really do smell amazing," she said, as I chuckled just a little. "The house rules say that you can’t touch my pussy, but I really hope you aren’t a rules guy," she said, beginning to grind against me. She faced me, kissing my neck, wrapping her arm around me, grinding against me. It wasn’t until she was pressed against me that I noticed my cock was throbbing. I looked into her eyes, as she reached down between us and slid her hand under my belt, stroking me. I take her nipple into my mouth, gently sucking. "I’m glad you’re not a rules girl, Jenna," I almost growled out quietly into her ear. "It’s not very easy for me to let the woman lead Jenna, but you make it very enjoyable." She let her tongue drag over my earlobe and said "show me." I put my hands over hers, and then took her firmly by the wrists. I could feel her pussy get warmer against my thigh as I did. Holding her there, I thrust enough to grind my thigh against her. She closed her eyes and shuddered, responding to my taking the lead. I took both her wrists in my hand and held them tightly behind her back. My other hand cupping her pussy, I pushed against her and used her wrists to grind her pussy against my hand. She was quivering, her eyes were closed, her breathing was getting quicker. I pressed two fingers against her clit and let her find a rhythm against me. Her lips were on my neck, and then her teeth. I felt her tremble and then shudder while I held her wrists. Finally, after what seemed like minutes of Jenna quietly moaning into my ear and shuddering, she relaxed her body into mine. I let her wrists go, and she wrapped both arms around me, panting, sweating, and still experiencing little aftershocks. I held her horny milf runner strips tight, kissed her neck, and let her recover. I helped her stand up and gather her things once the last song ended. She hugged me, and thanked me for the dance. I wished her luck with her bees, and thanked her for helping me relax. She asked if I were staying any longer, but I told her that she was as much fun as I could handle tonight. As I gathered my coat she said "I think you dropped this" and handed me a note. Her phone number. I thanked her, and put it in my pocket. I hugged her again, and thanked her one last time. Jenna was exactly what I needed that night. /u/mathAndBondage