Hey Y'all, Well I survived the draft and despite what appeared to be a horrific blunder, I believe I came out of it well. To set it up for those who don’t remember, I was given the chance to enter a team, $ entry fee fantasy football league. It’s all a bunch of wealthy older men who allowed me to enter their league, waive the entry fee but owe them some sexual favors if I lost. So on to the draft more

I'll warn you this is kind of a long story. If you ask nicely in a pm I will give you a picture of me, if you're too shy i'll give you the gist of what I look like. I'm , about '. lbs. C cup boobs, in decent shape, with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. An ex once called me Hitler's fantasy woman. A while back I was visiting my family for about two weeks. I had recently lost my big fancy New York cmore

About an hour after waking, the family drifted down to the kitchens where Grandma Hester was laying out the plates for breakfast. Fester arrived and slide his bulk into a chair behind the long oaken table. "Morning," Hester said in her raspy voice, as she dropped a plate in front of him and slathered a spoonful noxious gray sludge onto it. It wriggled slowly. "Mm, morning." Fesmore

I forget when exactly this happened, but I remember it happened during the spring semester of near the end. Probably in April or May. Anyway, I was at a party with my friends and some of their guy friends. I remember talking about guy's balls and the amount of cum they shoot. One of the guys insisted that the bigger the balls, the more cum. I was disagreeing with him as there have been some small more

Author’s note: There are some elements to the background of this story which would be incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to shoehorn into the story itself. To solve that problem, I have written this. It a short piece which is intended as an overview for some of the background. It does not go into great detail; it’s a brief overview. Links to the actual stories will be included in a comment. more

"Lori, number 3." The voice comes over the little speaker and a grin traces its way across my lips. I am Lori and my owner is behind door number 3. I am sitting at the little makeup desk in my office. I pick up the black leather collar and buckle it around my neck. I love the way it feels, just snug enough that if my owner tugs, it bites a bit. I like that. Pain is a good reminder, a goomore