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The babysitter was minutes early, as usual. She came in and said Hi to the kids while my wife put on her earrings. "We should be home early," I said to the babysitter, handing her $ to cover dinner. "We’re just going to grab a bite and do a little shopping. Head them toward their beds at about : or so. It Friday night …they normally stay up later on Fridays." "Call if you more

For those that didn't read the first part "Car fun with an Italian Milf": Her- Italian 41 years old 5'5 38c cup thick athletic body with curves in the right places Me- Black mix 34 years old 5'11 in decent shape with a 8 inch chubby latina milf solo creampie cock A week went by after our lunch/car encounter. We had texted back and forth a little and eventual set up a date to meet again. more

So I'm milf on her knees OK Cupid (the online dating site) minding my own business. I'm a 57 year old guy and suddenly I get a message from TinaXXX (names have been changed to protect the dogs). She is a 20 something woman I had never interacted with before. Below is the exact exchange that happened on an early Saturday morning. I left in the typos and in some cases the entries are out of order bemore

It all started when I was 19. A girl I knew asked me if I wanted to hang with her and her friend. Being bored I reluctantly agreed. When I walked in I noticed her friends face was about a four,her tits a five but her cute petite ass and legs were a perfect ten.Being an ass and leg guy that was good enough for me. She must of weighed no more than 105 lbs. I immediately sat next to her and trying tomore

LONG Leadup. Please enjoy. I attended a comic convention type thing just the other weekend. It was a 3 day event, and it featured a whole bunch of cosplaying competitions, which opened up the ability to have anyone dress up as their character of choice. Once such character is Tifa from Final Fantasy 7 with a white tank-top and black skirt. The girl has natural dark brown hair, pale skin, is incredmore

This is my first time ever posting something like this so bear with me if I'm not that great at it. Names and specific details have been changed. I'm a year old female (was at the time) and several months ago I went on my schools study abroad program for a few weeks in Europe. I was very hesitant to go at first because I had never been abroad but everyone convinced me to go and that I wouldn't regmore