So guys, this is my first post here sharing some of my experiences. Sorry if i make some mistakes english is not my first language. It all started backed in when I was and in my senior year in High School. I was the typical nerd (got great grades, hang out only with the "geeks", played pokémon, etc) but I was the only one in my social cycle that wasn't a virgin I had sex with a girl, butmore

I'm Anna, I'm 32 now. I really love sex and all things sexual. I like reminiscing about old times and so I decided to write some stories. It's high time for another one. This one is casual sex and actually nothing special. I still like to remember it, though. Taught me that not all hot guys are a great lay Feel free to comment and ask. Please dont mind any mistakes, english is not my first languagmore

Sorry for the hiatus, work was busy and so I didn't have time to sit down and write. There was probably something really wrong with me. My affair with Eric had broken something fundamentally human inside me. When I received a phone call saying that my friend’s husband had passed after a long bout with cancer, the only thing I could think of was that I would get an opportunity to go see Eric. My frmore

Although, I already posted this on Lush Stories and my Tumblr of the same name (insert shameless plug here), I just discovered this kinky group and though you might enjoy it as well. I wrote this down not long after it happened a couple years ago. I’m very turned on by taboo situations, slutty women and risk. This night, I got to experience all three. I’ve had sex with women I just met several timmore

Long time reader, first time contributor. milf juggs having lesbian sex Feedback is appreciated. There’s a lot of background to set the stage, but if you want to skip straight to the action, start reading at "The Bathroom" Background: This happened about three years ago, and involves my then-girlfriend. I was 21, and she was 20. Let’s call her Emily. She’s 5"7, with the classic hourmore

A couple of years ago I was dating a guy who loved the idea of sharing me with another man, it wasn't something we really discussed actually doing but it came up now and again if we were talking dirty or sometimes during sex On one Friday though, about 2 years ago so I would have been 23 at the time, I was due to be going out with the girls for drinks so he arranged a boys night out too. Before wemore