The following is a story of me and a girl I used to date. We were visiting her dad for a few days. At the time, it was his wish that we stayed in separate bedrooms. But I came in to visit her before bedtime. We were sitting on her bed, talking, joking, laughing. I looked deep into her brown eyes and leaned in for a kiss. Her big, juicy lips met mine and soon our kissing turned fiery and passionate. Soon my hands were wrapping themselves around her tiny waist and gripping her hips. I could feel her hands track up my chest and around the back of my head and neck, pulling our pressing faces even closer. She smelled sweet, the lingering aroma of her perfume filling my nostrils. We retreated from our kisses, already breathing heavily. She had a look in her eyes, one I had seen many times before. Eyes that said "fuck me". I said out loud, "But what about your dad? He’s right in the other room!" "Ugh, true", She realized. "I guess we’ll have to wait until later on when he goes to sleep." Her eyes still had that lust in them. I wanted her, badly. I wanted to taste her, breathe her, feel her, and I wanted her now. Our hands betrayed us. My hands were massaging her breasts through her bra and shirt, her hands were rubbing the growing bulge in my gym shorts. I didn’t have any underwear on. Simultaneously we grabbed one another and began kissing vigorously again. This time there would be no stopping us. But because her dad was in the other room, we had to be careful. We had to be resourceful, creative, and the hardest part of all, quiet. We never spoke a word but we both knew this. I pushed her down onto her back, got on top of her, and continued kissing her. We were pushing and rubbing our bodies together, and realized it would be far too risky to begin undressing each other. We would have to keep our clothes on, something we had never done before. We always loved to bask in the sight, and feel of the bare skin of each other. Here is where the creativity comes in. Again, we never spoke a word, but were so in tandem that we didn’t have to. I pulled my lips off of hers and rubbed down the curves of her firm body until I reached her groin. She opened her legs and raised her knees up, granting me full access. She was wearing a T-shirt, booty shorts, and a thong. I kissed her concealed pussy, causing her to release an eager moan. Instantly she realized her mistake and covered her mouth with her hand. Then, I slid my hand under her shorts and her underwear. I glided my fingers on her pussy, and already it was completely wet. So much so that her underwear too was soaked. I turned my hand over and using my middle finger like a hook, pulled her thong and shorts out of the way, exposing her pussy to my desiring eyes. The sight of her sanctuary was more than enough to beckon me. Immediately I plunged my tongue deep into her, as deep as I could, and licked up the entire length of her pussy. Purposefully, slowly, deliberately. She was still covering her mouth, but her moans were more than audible. Again I sunk my tongue deep into her and licked up again, faster this time. milf orgams I gripped her legs and kissed her pussy, sometimes licking her through my puckered lips. I then sucked on her, causing her to tremble with pleasure. I only stopped sucking to slowly lick her from bottom to top. I fixated my mouth and began to lick her clit repeatedly. In no more than a minute or two she was overcome with an orgasm. If you cherished this article and you would like to get more info with regards to mature woman soles kindly check out our own internet site. Her legs tensed up, her moaning escaped her hand, her body shook, and her thighs gripped my head, squeezing me tightly. As soon her legs released she pulled my mouth up to hers, and kissed me deeply. I returned the embrace of her lips. I let her take over holding her bottoms out of the way, as a pulled up the leg of my gym shorts to expose my cock. I was rock hard, if another drop of blood had found its way into my cock it would have burst. It was definitely one of the best erections of my life. In a collaborative effort (almost frantic with how badly we wanted it), we easily fit my throbbing cock into her drenched, clenching pussy. The initial penetration caused both of us to moan behind our kissing lips. I slowly plunged the full length of my cock into her, and once she had completely enveloped me, paused to enjoy every inch of her welcoming wetness. As I began to pull my cock back for another deep thrust she sunk her teeth into my shoulder. My cock and her pussy felt like lock and key, it was perfect. With every big ass hot milfs push into her, she would grind back into me with her hips. Both of us were lost in a sea of pleasure. Soon I could feel my own orgasm building like water behind a dam, about to explode. I pushed the every inch of me into her, and came, shooting ropes and ropes of cum deep into her pussy. My mouth also let loose moan after moan with each ejaculation of my cock. She wrapped her legs around me, and looked up at me and elated in the joy of watching me tense up and release my own orgasm. We collapsed in a sea of ecstasy, deep breaths, and pure satisfaction. We kissed again through breaths and stared deep into each others eyes again. The whole ordeal couldn’t have lasted more than 5 minutes, but was hands down one of the most intense and best love making sessions of my life. /u/naughtynaughty20