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If you've been watching TV recently, you'll have seen the newest commercials for GM. GM is currently touting their quality - something the average consumer is definitely not utilized to seeing GM do. It first surprised me a little that GM decided the time had come to get started on marketing quality over price. This is not something I'm employed to from GM. In fact, not long ago, there are commercials on television selling GM cars at a dollar over invoice. Quality wasn't an issue then. It was information on price.

Saturday, December 10, 2011, in partnership with UPTOWN Magazine and Becky's Fund, BMW of Sterling hosted a "Luxury Trunk Show with a Celebrity Gifting Lounge and Silent Auction". As one of the social highlights of the season with local socialites, celebrities and notables gathered inside the season's spirit of giving to the charitable good thing about Becky's Fund. Becky's Fund is often a national non-profit organization focused on domestic violence awareness and education. Becky Lee of "Becky's Fund" graciously thanked Thomas Moorehead for his "continuous heartfelt support and contributions to Becky's Fund".

The agency is exclusive in terms of covering many services which can be suitable for smaller businesses. Our agency does not do major media buys like other agencies we primarily concentrate on products and services which will meet the needs of approximately 90% of what small business owners must thrive. Our services include SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Graphic Design, Online Reputation Management (Reputation Marketing), Video Marketing, Web Design, and Mobile Marketing. Our agency offers these services because businesses have countless vendors with marketing services with limited product diversification. Our service reduces the multiple points of contact and streamlines the assistance they are looking for. When businesses utilize the multiple services, we could provide reduced costs that other agencies cannot provide. Our goal is to develop a seamless marketing automation process. Yes a lot of our services include marketing via email for Facebook social networking to create seo recurring revenue streams for the clients.

Resilience is really a necessary virtue we all need growing. It is what brings us returning to the battle field of life, after losing countless previous battles, using the hindsight that every battle isn't same. It is the power and strength that comes from being "knocked down" often times, but "leaping back," prepared to fight the war with a conclusive end. Reslience will be the adrenaline of courage that flows into us saying, "despite the fact that I'm down, don't count me out yet." Resilience may be the commandant about the battle field that fired- up his troupe to victory shouting, "failure is just not an alternative."

4. Safety: In this country in modern times most workplaces are physically safe. The safety I am discussing is emotional. A manager can cause a dangerous environment through fear: criticizing a teammate in public with an error or ridiculing a matter asked in the meeting. I have a friend who works for a large IT firm. On a substantial conference call, a vice president asked why the corporation was losing market share to some competitor. My friend suggested that while their hardware was superior in every single way, the competitor's software had desirable features clients were seeking. The VP's response was, "Sounds like you'd like to be working for XYZ as opposed to us." After this manager's biting remarks there was forget about ideas offered about how to regain share of the market. Teammates must feel safe.

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