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As I said, we married young out of typical southern religious guilt about that most famous taboo, sex. My wife and I have been married for about years…we married young and we’re both in our mid-to-late thirties. I was not a virgin but I was inexperienced when I met my wife and she was a wild, yet virgin preacher’s daughter.

If you have any kind of inquiries relating to where and the best ways to make use of free live porn cams, you can call us at the web site. This story is a fantasy born out of a very recent incident. My wife, Katie, is a ’", lbs knockout blonde that reminds me of Alicia Silverstone including that sexy smile from the Aerosmith videos…curvy in all the right places and an ass to die for. I’ve made a lot of questionable decisions in my life for a variety of reasons but I’ve generally walked away with a good story…this time I walked away with a great story.

Names, places and minor details have been changed to protect the naughty. She is a gym rat and I definitely benefit. Blonde, hazel eyes and built like a Mack truck, I get a few stares here and there which I try to take as a compliment. Nothing makes you more popular with a preacher than getting caught fucking his daughter doggy style on her couch but that’s another story.

I like a little cushion for the pushing so to speak. I’m not classically handsome like a George Clooney or anything but more of a rugged thing going on. Just setting the stage mind you… All that said, my best feature is the one in my pants. Part is entirely true and Part is where my fantasy begins.

I knew growing up but I didn’t think it was a big deal until I started fooling around with girls. Frankly, having a dick inches long and . inches around wasn’t always a great thing. Lube and foreplay…that’s what I learned quickly. No, my dick doesn’t have magic powers or shoot beams of orgasm inducing electricity out of the tip but it is big.

Despite what porn tells you, not every gal is a size queen…and not every gal knows what she has in her hand…or mouth…or pussy…or ass. Hell, try buying a pair of jeans or underwear that either fit correctly or don’t advertise your sizable contribution to the world.

I’m a touch over ’", lbs of muscle with a little bit of middle aged love handle action starting to develop. Thankfully, I met and married a woman who, despite her lack of experience, fell in love with my cock to the point of begging. She has gorgeous D tits that are still firm and supple after two children. Though cool to each other when we first met, Amber and I grew into great friends over the years.

My wife’s younger sister walking into the room is enough to make me start getting a chub. The years difference in age yielded a much different upbringing for Amber and her worldly knowledge definitely surpassed Katie’s at the same age. Katie, myself and the kids hopped a flight to Seattle from Chicago to spend the holidays with Amber and her husband Jake. We’ve had a wonderful sex life for the past years with no regrets and no desires outside of marriage…with one exception.

Fast-forward to the most recent Christmas holiday. Standing around ’", my sister-in-law has all the features of a Hollywood starlet. Jake and Amber don’t have kids but they have a great place on the Puget Sound and we always enjoy our visits.

Beautiful brunette hair falling to the middle of her back with a slight curl, perky C tits, a tight ass that fills out a pair of jeans and just a coy, come hither look on her face. After hugging Katie and the kids, Amber wraps me up in a full embrace, her warm breasts pushing against me. Surely she didn’t intend to hug me so tight, or did she?

Immediately we are greeted at the door by Amber in a tight red sweater and even tighter jeans, topped off by black leather boots extending up her shapely calf. Amber asked Katie what she had been shooting lately and if she could have a look. "Please, its connected to the flatscreen, you can show your photos up there" Amber replied.

Katie and Amber headed into the living room while Jake and I put away the cards and grabbed another bottle of wine. Jake and I were laughing and talking football…I was lamenting the Bears’ current team and he was reveling in the success of the Seahawks. See, Katie is an amateur photographer and spends all of her free web cam porn chat time shooting architecture and landscapes.

After dumping our bags, we settled in for the evening, sharing a great meal with Amber and Jake and eventually, the kids went to bed and we sat around the table in their den playing cards. HOW DID THOSE GET ON THERE? " followed by an "Oh my god! Amber is a successful commercial artist and Jake is VP at a large software company. " I ran up the stairs, closely followed by Jake only to see a picture of my cock on a " flatscreen.

Katie was frantically trying to change screens on the laptop while Amber had a surprised look mixed with a bit of a smirk on her face. Amber is the very epitome of sex and you can feel it when she smiles at you or simply walks by. "My, my Katie, whose cock is that? Just as we headed upstairs into the living room we heard a loud "WOW!

" Katie exclaimed as she finally closed the laptop in frustration. "Apparently I forgot to turn off the auto backup on my phone picture gallery and now everyone has seen your dick! I’m in technical sales and I very well know the dangers of throwing dick pics out into the ether of the internet but I also travel a lot.

We want to be fucking like rabbits. So…in a bout of sexting from my hotel a few weeks back, I had sent Katie some dick pics with me standing at full attention. I immediately tried to shift the subject back to football or the upcoming Presidential election (anything is better than this right? Can I use your laptop?

The rest of the evening passed without incident other than an occasional joke between Katie and Amber. My wife and I are apart nights a month and when I’m home, we fuck like rabbits. See…I told you I make questionable decisions. "Uhhh, what’s going on guys? ) but I could tell Amber was contemplative and Jake looked uncomfortable and had definitely gotten very quiet.

"Whose do you think it is? She unbuckled my belt, unzipped my jeans and yanked them to the floor in record time. He looked embarrassed…Amber told me he’s maybe inches at most when he went to get more firewood. What got you so excited? "She had a totally different experience than you, I would expect her to have ‘shopped around’ a bit.

Katie and I called it a night and headed to bed. As the door shut to the guest room, Katie spun around, pushing me against the wall and dropped to her knees. Katie pulled her mouth off of my dick with a loud pop and breathlessly said, "I’ve accidentally mentioned your size to a few girlfriends before, but no one but me has seen your cock in over years…I love that your fat cock is all mine to fuck and suck but it turned me on when Amber reacted the way she did.

Besides, they seem happy. " At that point, I couldn’t take it any more. By the end of the night, Katie was laughing about it and I could here her whispering about "his big cock" on the couch to her sister. Let’s get back to the part where you suck my cock!

I couldn’t admit it in there but it thrilled me that she’s seen your cock. "Alright, enough talking. " "How did she end up with him then if that’s an issue for her? Katie pulled her top over her head and freed her tits from her bra and my vision swam with the thought of getting my hands on those gorgeous things.

She had to work up to it over the years but she can deep-throat me and it makes my legs shake and that night was no exception. Quickly, I begged her to stop. She rose to her feet and shimmied out of her yoga pants.

Kneeling down, I eagerly leaned toward her pussy and started licking slowly, up and down. " Katie grinned and proceeded to give me one of the most mind-blowing blowjobs of my life. As she began to squirm and moan a bit, I inserted two fingers into her and slowly started fingering her as I gently licked her clit. "She did admit she missed the feeling of a bigger dick and I immediately got wet knowing your big dick was all mine.

Time for the coupe de grace…as I massaged her G-spot, I traced out the letters of the alphabet on her clit with the tip of my tongue. I gathered her into my arms and laid her on the bed, spreading her legs wide. The sensation sent waves through Katie as she writhed against me, her slick pussy lubricating my face.

Katie went over the edge and went over hard. " Katie screamed as her body convulsed in multiple orgasms. She started teasing that magic spot under the head of my dick and I felt all control go out the window. With her clit good and wet, I gently blew on it while curling my fingers inside her, massaging her G-spot.

"I can only take so much you know! We’re not into anything too rough but Katie loves it when I’m aggressive and physically manhandle her. I continued to lick her sweet pussy until she swatted me on the head, begging me to stop. I love the rear view presented to me when she’s in this position. "OH GOD, OH GOD, OH EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

" Katie continued to stroke my cock enthusiastically. "Well, you’re about to take a lot more" I growled. " Who am I to deny her? I positioned my cock behind her, dragging the head between the folds of her pussy before slowly pushing into her. I wrapped my arm around her waist and flipped her over. She shivered and exclaimed, "Just fuck me already!

I love that first insertion, watching her pussy lips spread and vagina stretch to accommodate my girth. She gave a little wiggle of her ass and I almost lost it right here. I slowly pushed one, then a second finger into her. "Unnnngh" she breathed as I gradually buried all inches in her sweet, juicy pussy. I slid my middle finger from the cute tuft of blonde hair above her pussy and slowly parted her pussy lips.

God, her pussy felt amazing…watching her pussy lips grip my dick as it thrust in and out was almost too much to bear. "Hands and knees woman, get that fine ass up liza del sierra solo in the air" I commanded and to my delight, she complied (as always). We’ve been at this together for years and we know each other very well but some encounters are just magic.

Men are stereotypically visual creatures and I definitely was that night. I quickly spit on my thumb and guided into her asshole while continuing to grip that firm ass. I love that grip, that curve of her ass fitting in my large hands. Quit holding back and fuck me! I pulled her back onto me and began pounding her hard. Gripping her round ass, I tried to think about baseball or changing the oil or anything not to lose it.

I felt lightheaded, overcome with a heightened focus like I hadn’t felt in years. I started fucking her with a steady, shallow rhythm. My pace quickened and I started alternating long strokes with the shallow thrusting I began with. " she cried and I did. Finally, I couldn’t take it. I grabbed her ponytail, gave her one final thrust and pinned her to the bed.

I felt my cock and balls tighten as I exploded in a massive orgasm, spurt after spurt of cum filling her, overwhelming her pussy. I was determine to fuck her, to fuck that tight little pussy until she couldn’t take it any more. My mind was willing but my late ’s body definitely wasn’t able. Her moans and grip on the headboard struck me as a mixture of pleasure and pain but I couldn’t stop.

It had been some of the most intense sex in our marriage and I was already thinking about more. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Panting and covered in sweat, I couldn’t stop my right leg from shaking. "I’ll buy more sheets" I grinned. Katie reached over and wrapped her hand around my softening cock and with a smile said "That’s my big fat cock and I want it again tomorrow.

Katie grabbed her pillow with a contented smile and closed her eyes. I slowly withdrew my dick from Katie’s pussy…her sex gaped open and my cum mixed with her juices leaked out and onto the bed. To be continued… fullsackattack comment "I guess we messed up the sheets a bit" she said. " With a grin, I closed my eyes and fell asleep, exhausted and intrigued about how we could possibly top tonight.

I rolled over on my back and stroked her hair. "Oh god, fuck me harder!