Titles are hard. Link to part one, link to part two. Each part is written to be able to stand alone, but this is Part Three: I took Jess by the hand and led her into the bathroom that adjoined my bedroom. Sliding the glass door to the shower open, I reached in and turned it on. I then grabbed some fresh towels from under the cabinet before returning my attention to my guest. She was already toplesmore

He pushed the door open and was hit by a wave of steam. Peering through he could make out Helen’s silhouette through the curtain; she was humming lowly to herself. He moved quickly to the toilet. Despite all that had happened being in the bathroom while his mother showered made him feel like a peeping tom. Glancing over his shoulder he let his stream out, feeling instant relief as he did. He felt more

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In the middle of the night, I awoke to see a large shadowy figure in my doorway. "I’ve come to collect on your debt," he whispered, his voice low and deep. I froze. I knew this day would come, but I didn’t think it would be so soon! The figure walked closer toward me, and with every step I could feel more goose bumps dotting my skin. "But, I’m not ready yet," I whispered, mymore

I'm new here, my friend said I should post some of my stories. Some set-up first, I am a 37 year old divorced woman, no kids, and a couple of years ago I bought a bar. It's a great job and I love it, plus it affords me the opportunity for some flirting and sometimes more every night! This first one I wanted to share was shortly after I took over the bar. It was a pretty busy night and I talked to more

We recently discussed fantasies and other interests, and you quietly mentioned that you thought being slapped would be hot. I blushed at the thought, because the act of slapping you in the face was one I never thought I’d perform. The more I thought about it, the more excited I was. So I asked if you minded me springing it on you when it felt right. You grinned that sexy grin and shook your head, more