I was reminded of this adventure when I read the recent post by /u/ellesbelles94 and thought I should sit down and write it, especially with another visit coming up soon. Hope speings eternal. I fly a lot in and out of the UK, normally through Manchester, as I usually bouncing between various places in the North (Sheffield, Liverpool, Birmingham, Edinburgh, and such) and it's conveniently in the m… Hey guys, long time lurker here. I've been reading everyone's stories and I've always wanted to sit down and write one of my many sexual exploits. I've been lucky enough to have a few good ones. Also, I don't see a lot of stories involving my Hispanic brothers and sisters. That's curious, especially when we are so damn horny all the time. I figured I would take the lead and t…

This is Part two, if you haven't read the first bit you can catch up here: I wasn't sure how long I had spent in Brett's bathroom, cleaning up and reflecting on what happened and what might be about to happen but when I returned to the bedroom I was expecting Mark and Brett to be doing something a lot more exciting than what they were. The bastards! Brett was back into his b…

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There is a lot less action descriptions and more effort on letting the reader start their own imaginations. I hope you enjoy, and encourage everyone to give it a try ! The evening was drawing to a close. For more info regarding girls hot stills check out our web site. Marty was feeling giddy, as he stood and thanked his kind hostess for a wonderful evening. Here is my effort at erotic fiction. Ma…

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